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MA in Marriage & Family Therapy

Deanne Breitenbach

Marriage & Family Therapy

Master’s Program Student Intern

Couple Therapy Specialization

Prepare|Enrich Certified Facilitator

Getting Married? Contemplating Commitment? Moving in? Starting a Family?

Build a solid foundation for your future! The Prepare|Enrich assessment reveals your strengths and areas for growth as a couple. The feedback sessions provide insights and skills to enrich and improve your relationship.


  • Helps increase awareness of both strength and potential growth areas.
  • Stimulates discussion concerning issues vital to the relationship.
  • Primes the learning of valuable communication and conflict resolution skills.
  • Functions as a preventive tool to create awareness of important issues before they turn into major problems.
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Commitment Counseling

  • Prepare & Enrich online assessment
  • ​Customized couple report
  • ​Couples workbook​
  • Up to four (4) 2 hour sessions to discuss your assessment results and work on exercises to build relationship skills
  • ​$75 discount on your Minnesota marriage license fee, if applicable
  • Relationship-related resources
  • All inclusive program for $450

The items and scales in PREPARE/ENRICH have been rigorously tested for both reliability and validity, with excellent results

Parenting Perspectives Group

Would you like to learn how to parent more mindfully?

Join us for an interactive, skills-based parenting group for parents with children who are strong-willed or have difficulty regulating their emotions. When children experience a parent reacting with kindness and patience, they learn to do the same.

Group Topics

Proven Tools & Practices


Brain States


Mindfulness & More

Group Schedule

Mondays 5 pm - 6 pm

Reach out to inquire regarding the most current openings status.

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Based on the book by

Hunter Clarke-Fields MSAE

We do not learn from experience....

we learn from reflecting on experience.

~ John Dewey

Reflections Therapy Center ❍ Rochester, Mn ❍ 507-722-0240